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We Know Frogtown

It's been our home for almost 35

years. We know how to:

  • Reach out to neighbors
  • Create messages that work
  • Build genuine connections


Test Your Ideas in Our Lab

people in gardenThe changing health care climate makes it more necessary than ever to reach out to underserved communities, and to deliver effective wellness and prevention messages. Our qualifications can help you shine in St. Paul's Frogtown neighborhood. We bring an insider's understanding to a complex environment.


Frogtown is an ideal place to test new ideas for real-world workability. This multi-cultural, multi-lingual neighborhood is the historical first stop for immigrants and refugees.


Health Advocates can help you connect with residents, communicate effectively and give your new initiatives their best shot at success. Here's why we're qualified. We've:

  • made Frogtown our home for almost 35 years;
  • participated in major neighborhood initiatives such as the Thomas Dale Block Club, the Friendly Streets planning process, the Rondo Library community engagement process, and the Frogtown Garden Tour;
  • run Frogtown's neighborhood newspaper;
  • represented Frogtown on official panels such as the Capital Improvement Budget Committee;
  • helped found the Frogtown Farm/Park organization and guided the park toward complete funding and city approval.

After 15 years of cross-cultural care work, we understand your organization's ambitions and needs. Because we're trusted members of the community, we're uniquely able to help you succeed.


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you reach Frogtown.


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